From Newborn

To Teenager

About Nomi
Next generation highchair designed by Peter Opsvik

Nomi is a multi-stage highchair that has your child’s developmental needs in mind.

Contemporary Nordic design caters to parents’ standards of expectations and follows your child’s development through each stage of life.

Children like to move even when they sit. Nomi offers the child support as well as freedom to move – both while sitting at the table and climbing in and out of the chair. 

From newborn to teenager

As your child grows, Nomi transforms from an infant recliner to highchair or dining chair. Its ergonomic design supports your child’s developing body and provides maximum comfort, making it the perfect chair for eating, playing, and learning., a reputable Nordic review website honored Nomi with “Testvinder 2016” (Test Winner 2016) and “Bedst til prisen 2016” (Best in price 2016) and praised Nomi as the “one rules them all”.

Nomi has been tested by TUV, Catas, and FIRA according to the newest safety standards and for unwanted chemistry.

Nomi was the only highchair that passed the most trustworthy review and testing conducted by the Danish Consumer Board with zero complications and comes out as No.1 with a huge gap to No. 2 – Tripp Trapp. That's why so many parents in Europe choose Nomi.

*Nomi Highchair EN14988:2017, EN71-3, ZEK 01.4, EN 12520:2010
  Nomi Baby EN12790:2009


Minimalistic yet functional

Nordic Design

The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye. Its minimalistic Nordic design makes it a beautiful piece of furniture that blends into your home.


Ergonomically designed for kids

Nomi is designed to stimulate the child’s freedom of movement while providing support to arms and backs. Good sitting posture allows better spinal development and more comfortable sitting.

Safety First, Eco-Friendly Always 

Tested according to European safety standards*

and wood complied with international FSC standards

*Nomi Highchair EN14988:2017, EN71-3, ZEK 01.4, EN 12520:2010
  Nomi Baby EN12790:2009

Food grade plastic

Made of high quality recyclable plastic that's free from parabens and phthalates (PAEs). Durable and safe for children.

Unique anti-tilt casters

The rear wheels minimize the risk of tilting in case your child pushes backwards from the table.


The conical shape of the stem helps secure sliding seat and footrest if you miss tightening the adjustment knobs.

Innovative safety clip

Additional safety clip prevents Nomi Baby from falling off when adjustment knob is accidentally removed.

Highest Safety Standard

From Newborn to Teeanger


Hip height allows easy access to baby without bending over



First stage
0-6 months infant recliner

Free your hands for household chores, work or dining

Ideal height for talking, playing, feeding and keeping good eye contact with your baby

❶ 5-point harness
Can be used as a 3-point harness for newborns.
❷ Seamless adjustment
The recline angle can be adjusted seamlessly without tools for almost horizontal to more upright positions to fulfill different needs.
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First stage 0-6 months 
Nomi Baby
Made of 100% Oeko-tex® cotton.
Washable and reversible with a different color on each side.
Easy to move around the house without waking the baby.
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Second stage
6-24 months dining highchair

Help children develop good dining habit and train for self feeding.

Being at equal height with adults

 allows children to feel respected and learn to be responsible and independent. 

Open design with no gaps to trap liquids or food residuals makes it easy to clean and parent-friendly.

Encourage active participation in the family life and learn manners and communication skills from the adults.

Can be hang on a table edge for easy cleaning using the rubber knobs uniquely designed under the seat.

Shaped according to abdomen and thighs for comfortable sitting and unrestricted movement.
Provide two levels of foots support and counter push for an upright sitting positing.
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Second stage 6-24 months
Nomi Highchair
Minimise the risk of tilting in case your child pushes backwards from the table.
Easy to slide in for use and remove for cleaning.
If the child should climb in and out of Nomi, the harness provides maximum safety. However, a child should never be left unattended.
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Support up to 150kg.
Can be used from life time.

2 years+

Third stage
2 years old and up
Study chair

Can act as a study chair using an adult table.

Foot rest can be

used as step chair

Ergonomic designed to support the best sitting posture.

Adjust seat and footrest position according to child's height without tools. Sitting depth is automatically adjusted.
Allows the child to climb up and down by himself.
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Third stage   
2 years old and up
Nomi Highchair
Allow child to move close and away from the table freely. Can be easily dragged around the house.
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Q:Why choose a multi-stage highchair?

Incorrect posture may affect spine development

Before multi-stage highchairs were available in the market

(upper picture)

Children transition from highchairs to adult chairs that lack proper foot and back support, which leads to discomfort and slouching.

After multi-stage highchairs were invented by Peter Opsvik

(lower picture)

Ergonomically designed for children to maintain correct posture throughout different stages in life.

Nomi - a chair for life

New parents often worry about making wrong purchase decisions and end up having many unwanted goods piled up in the house. 

Nomi is a chair for life. It's a multi-stage highchair that accompanies your child from birth to teenage. With different accessories, it transforms from an infant recliner, a toddler dining highchair to a study chair. 

Its durable and timeless design also makes it a beautiful piece of art that fits into your home. 

Active participation in home life since day one

Sitting at the same height as adults allows babies and children to fully join the family’s daily life as an active observer since day one. It allows better eye contact, easier communication and help them absorb various stimulation to learn better.

Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi - and numerous other classic chairs that are currently used in offices, living rooms and kindergartens around the world.


Nomi is the result of more than 40 years of work with children's chairs. Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi from the philosophy that children need a stable platform from which to move

- a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child will sit actively and varied.

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